RD102/O Prairie Craftsman Casket Bier...This bier is shown with our back lighted stained glass upright panel option. Mission slats are standard for the upright panel. Heavy duty five inch swivel casters. The corner protectors are custom fabricated in true prairie style. Available in all the woods. 62 in. long x 23 in. wide x 20 3/4 in. tall RD103/O Prairie Craftsman Torchiere Lamps...These lamps are truly unique for the industry, using prairie style stained glass shades that are handcrafted in our own glass shop. The base color of the shades is very close to commercially produced torchiere bowls. This allows cosmetic lighting to work for you. The metal fitters, which hold the shades, is custom fabricated in the prairie style. The lamp posts are detailed with prairie style moldings. Available in all the woods. 64 3/4 in. tall (to top of metal fitter)