Hand Crafted From Nature's Finest

Here are a few of our featured products


Urn Carrier on Baby Bier

Our patented RD143 Large Baby Bier/Cremation Altar, is the base for this mufti-functional furniture. With the tops removed, it is a youth bier for caskets from 30-60”. The open Altar Top allows easy access for families and friends to approach the urn containing cremated human remains to touch and say their final goodbyes. The Urn Carrier is used for the actual funeral service. The open top on the base can also serve as a memorial altar for the memorabilia and lifetime collages that families want displayed during a traditional casket-ed service.


Queen Anne Surround

With today's people getting larger, using this surround allows you to leave the casket-ed body on your truck, sparing heavy lifting and back injuries. The presentation to the family looks as if their loved one is on a bier. These are custom crafted to fit your church trucks.


Queen Anne Registry Desk

This double wide register desk allows to to serve two families at the same time, if you need to. It is at a comfortable height for signing the register book. The center compartment is designed to store and lock purses and electronics during calling hours.


Processional Urn Carrier

By using our Processional Urn Carrier, you are treating the cremated human remains with the same reverence and dignity as the casket human body. This allows you to have four pall bearers and process with the urn when you go to church or the columbarium. This is designed to use in conjunction with our Large Baby Bier/Cremation Altar.