RD129/C Cherry Altar, Queen Anne Design This elegant altar will give you plenty of room to provide a dignified in house "Celebration of Life” for families that have chosen not to use a church. All of our timeless Queen Anne details have been incorporated into the production of this formal altar. The altar is on casters that are recessed and nearly invisible allowing you to move it from room to room as needed. It is 27” deep x 54” long and 36.75” tall RD149/C Cherry Lighted Urn Pedestal This pedestal is bottom lighted with four rechargeable LED lights, allowing you to elevate and illuminate the urn. It can be used on either the RD129 Altar or the RD143 Large Baby Bier/Cremation Altar. Dimensions are: 20.5” long, 16.5” deep, 5. 5” tall. You simply recharge using the detachable USM cables provided with the unit. Belleek Pottery Urn This urn was specially crafted by the Belleek Pottery Company in Ireland for use as an elegant urn for Irish or Irish descended families.