RD143/CU Cherry Large Baby Bier/Cremation Altar with Processional Urn Carrier, Queen Anne Design...We have utilized our large baby bier base as the platform to present the urn carrier during the funeral service. The base may also be transported to church if you wish. The urn carrier will also sit on your church truck or our newly designed "Criss-Cross" stand in church or at the interment site. You also receive the open removable altar top with your unit. The urn should be presented on the open altar top during the viewing so that family and friends may approach the urn to touch it and say their "goodbyes". Utilize the urn carrier for the actual service. By processing with pall bearers, you are giving a visualy reinforced image to the public in attendance that cremations are a proper dignified ritual. The black hearse board, altar runner and pall cover are also included with your purchase.