Large Baby Bier and Cremation Altar is very universal in functionality. The top 20" wide by 40" long top is fully removeable without tools. The base has four rubber bumpers just like the adult biers. The base will accommodate a youth casket from 30" to 60". Any casket smaller than 30" can be presented on the 20 x 40 top. The bier with the top on functions as a memorial table for the "Lifetime Collages" presented during the viewing and the service. It has four casters and can be placed anywhere in the room. With the table top in place, it also serves and a Cremation Altar for services with an Urn, providing plenty of room for the urn, pictures, flowers and memorabilia. The posts have Gothic buttresses, the upright panel has cathedral window style moldings front and back. The cross on the front can be omitted if you so desire. The base is softly sculpted with one horizontal flute. 30" tall with the altar top in place.