RD109/C Cherry Baby Bier/ Cremation Altar (Original Design Size), Queen Anne design...This piece of furniture can be easily transported to church for an infant or cremation service.The table top will lift off exposing bumpers for the infant casket. With the top in place, it's an altar. Beautifully crafted with all the Queen Anne details. The "Slip-on-Top" table top is 18 in. wide x 24 in. long. 30 in. tall x 21 in. long by 13 in deep. Patent #D327765 RD116/C Cherry Mini Directory, Queen Anne design...Felt covered precision grooves accept letters easily. The felt board is a special order. The graceful post and tripod base is a warm change from the stark metal stands of the past. 42 in. tall RD123/C Cherry Mini Prayer Rail, Queen Anne design... This mini prayer rail will accommodate two people kneeling side by side. It's dimensions have been scaled down to work in front of our Baby Bier/Cremation Altars without obscuring the altar. The details match our full sized traditional kneelers. 32 in. wide by 25.5 in. tall x 15 in. deep RD135/C Cherry Flag Stand, Queen Anne design...A truly unique way to present the flag during the service. The flag stand can be placed either behind our cremation altars or at the head of the casket for traditional services. The stand has the same urn/vase post and tripod base as our other Queen Anne items. 47 in. tall x 28.5 in. wide x 16 in. deep