RD101/O Oak Lectern, Classic...freestanding featuring a light fixture with concealed wiring, service folder card pockets and name board for computer printed signs. Four corner posts are reeded and the upright panel is hourglass shaped. Two optional casters will facilitate moving without lifting. 49 in. tall x 23.5 in. wide x 18 in. deep RD102/O Oak Casket Bier, Classic...decorative corner protectors, heavy duty ball bearing swivel casters. Four corner posts are reeded and the center upright panel has a cross on one side, which can be omitted when ordering. Three decorative horizontal flutes on each side of the base skirting. 62 in. long x 22.75 in. wide x 20.75 in. tall RD103/O Oak Torchiere Lamps with "VNG" torchiere glass shades, Classic...shown with "VNG" shades, reeded posts with 15" square bases to eliminate tipping. 69 in. tall RD120/O Oak Flower Pedestals, Classic design...6 inch wide square columns with three vertical flutes. Bases and tops are 16 inches square. 36 in. tall