RD104/O Oak Prayer Rail, Jamestown Colonial design...tulip turned posts. Raised panel upright front and back, cross on front which may be omitted. Bottom skirting has three horizontal flutes, front and back. Upholstered arm and kneeling cushions. 44 in. long x 18 in. deep x 28.5 in. tall RD107/O Oak Crucifix & Stand, Jamestown Colonial design... Crucifix may be ordered double sided as well with a plain Protestant cross may ordered and attached to the back, (RD142). Adjustable stand included. 32 in. long x 22 in. wide cross. RD108/O Oak Candlesticks, Jamestown Colonial design...Tulip turned posts an a 12 inch square base. May be electrified if needed. 46 in. tall.