RD109/O Prairie Craftsman Baby Bier/Cremation Altar*...Shown with standard Mission slats. The upright panel can be made using handcrafted stained glass. By removing the altar top, you expose rubber bumpers and it turns into a casket bier for small infant caskets. With the altar top in place, it converts to a memorial altar for cremations or memorabilia and portraits for a traditional casketed service. The corners are accented with decorative metal corner protects in the prairie style. *Patent #D327765 Available in all the woods. 30 in. tall x 21 in. long x 13 in. deep. Altar top is 16 in. x 24 in . RD120/O Prairie Craftsman Flower Stands...These matching flower stands are perfect for displaying those special family arrangements. An urn may also be placed on the top. The top is a generous 16 in. square. Available in all the woods. Height 36 in. RD135/O Prairie Craftsman Flag Stand...Nicely handcrafted in the prairie style, this flag stand allows you to present the flag in a stand at the head of the casket, or behind the cremation altar. By using a flag stand, the head panel of the casket is opened for more family pieces to be displayed. When families see the flag presented this way, it leads to more at need flag case sales and revenue. Available in all the woods. 28 1/2 in. wide x 48 in. tall